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Research Project Management


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00:00 1. Introduction How is the lesson structured?
00:05 2. The Benefits of Project Management What is project management?
What is a Kanban board?
How is this better then emails?
00:20 3. Trello What is Trello?
How do I keep track of my tasks?
How do I use Trello workspace and boards to collaborate with others?
00:45 4. Personal Project Management How can I prioritize my tasks?
How can manage my tasks?
What software is available to help?
01:10 5. Group Project Management How is group project management different?
What does Trello offer to help with group projects?
01:25 6. Software collaboration with GitHub How can I collaborate with GitHub?
Can I use GitHub for project management?
01:25 7. Project Collaboration How should I store my data so my work is reproducible?
How can I version control my paper?
What is the most efficient way to collaborate with my colleagues?
01:25 Finish

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