The structured tutorials offered during the hack week will introduce good programming practices, scientific programming languages (e.g. Python and R), as well as tools and software applicable to astronomy research.

The unconference sessions and lightning talks will offer participants the opportunity to shape the content of the workshop and can be used for example to work through online tutorials in groups, or present tips and tricks and new tools to the other participants.

And of course there will be plenty of time to work on a 'hack project', so come with something in mind or join another group. The hack sessions will allow you to put concepts learned during the tutorials into practice and give you the space and time to implement that new idea or feature you've been meaning to work on, or try out a new concept/ testing protocol/ version control/ etc.

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
09:30 Opening, Welcome, Introductions and ice breaker Invited talk: Jacob Seiler
Invited talk: Chris Jordan
Intro to ML
hack session
10:00 Python I Intro to R Python II Software Dev
10:30 Morning break
11:00 Python I Intro to R Python II Software Dev Intro to ML
hack session
12:30 lightning talks *
pitch your session *
lightning talks *
pitch your session *
lightning talks *
pitch your session *
pitch your hack
13:00 Lunch break

Querying VOs and Data Management session announcement session announcement
Bayesian Stats unconference session session announcement
hack session
hack session /prep reports
14:30 unconference session unconference session
unconference session
15:00 Intro to HPC hack reports
15:30 Afternoon break Wrap up and user survey/feedback session - close by 16:00
16:00 Intro to Version Control unconference session unconference session

Intro to HPC
unconference session hack session
17:30 pizza night (continued hacking)

*Note, these sessions are run in sequence, not in parallel.